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We can supply you with two types of software to help you create the design of the shields whose blazoning you have discovered.

The first, published in 1998… - 50 €

… which works extremely well, but a number of its designs are in small size and it lacks the “External ornaments” facility (though it does have the functions “caches, outlines of shields, and personal library”).

A completely new version, filling the gaps in the original software - 80 €

For your design purposes, this CD-Rom provides a choice of more than 4,000 quarters, figures and charges, plus the possibility of placing the external elements which decorate the shields of certain families.

Thereby, you will not only have a CD-Rom which is already reasonably complete but also one which you can top up even further, thanks to our caches and outlines.
Finally, you will be able to design whatever coat of arms you wish by using the “personal library” available in each CD-Rom.

Please note that this last facility necessitates the use either of the Paint® software (now supplied with each purchase) or of Photoshop® - more complete, but it has to be purchased separately.

D'or au lion d'azur, armé et lampassé de gueules.
D'azur à 3 levrettes d'argent, bouclées d'or; et une bande de gueules brochant sur le tout.
Parti d'or et d'azur, à l'aigle couronnée de l'un en l'autre.
D'azur, à la bande abaissée d'argent, et un léopard arrête d'or, posé et montant sur la bande; un soleil de mesne mouvant du chef à senestre.
D'argent au pin d'azur, fûté de sinople, et un loup de sable passant derrière le fût de l'arbre.