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Many works have been collected to assist researchers in their task (please see attached list).

Our examination of numerous coats of arms will enable you:

To find, with ease, the various titles held in many different libraries, scattered throughout all of France.
To obtain the list:

To be able quickly to consult more than 100 works on one quite brief site.

To be in a position to differentiate between families with the same surname (an extremely important facility for genealogists).

To have access to these works in your own home, at any time.

For each blazon, our “Armorial Bearings” software indicates the work from which it is drawn, with all necessary details on where to find same.

The CD-Rom allows you to work on either one or several of the coats of arms contained in this computer aid.

Research into unknown coats of arms.
In addition, our software makes it possible for you to trace unknown coats of arms which you have found in some old document or on a piece of silverware. (It’s one of the most important functions for this kind of CD-Rom.)

You will find out whether a blazon corresponding to the surname you enter figures among the armorial bearings that we have amassed.

EEnter a name in the window displayed for the purpose and we will reply immediately to tell you which one or more CD-Roms contains the surname whose blazon you seek.


Write below the name of the family, or part of the name:

CD-Roms of armorial bearings in which the blazon appears: